Admission Procedure

Prior to admission to Willett Lodge you and your relatives are invited to visit us and meet the staff on duty. A pre-admission assessment will be carried out by the Home Manager or Deputy Manager to ensure that we can meet all your nursing needs. (Copies of this assessment form are available on request).

When you arrive at Willett Lodge you will be shown to the room you or your relatives have selected. All rooms have a wardrobe, chest of drawers and a bedside cabinet with a lockable drawer, for your personal belongings as well as a safe. All our room also have a button so you can call a nurse at any time.

Every room has a remote controlled television and the room can be individually heated to your requirements using the thermostat on the wall or the radiator. This will be done for you by a member of staff. Linen is provided and all furnishings and fabrics in your room are fire retardant. You are very welcome to bring in with you small items of furniture such as pictures and ornaments. Furniture must meet fire regulations with a kite mark.

All rooms also have internet wifi connection.

Emergency Admission


An Emergency Admission can be accepted providing the person or agency referring the resident is able to provide sufficient information for the Nurse in Charge to determine that the prospective resident has needs broadly within the services and facilities offered by us. The emergency agreement will state that the admission is short term and the placement could only become long term after a full assessment and review is carried out. The Nurse in Charge will come and discuss any concerns you may have. Your medicines will be collected at this time and safely stored. These will be given to you by a Nurse when they are due. We take responsibility for all repeat prescriptions while you are with us.  A member of staff will help you unpack and make you comfortable. The laundry personnel will document items of clothing brought into the care home.